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The Maine Tennis Association (MTA) came into existence more than 25 years ago as an independent tennis organization. The goal then and now was to develop and  support tennis programs and activities throughout the Pine State.

In the mid-1980s, we became an arm of the USTA Tennis New England in order to strengthen our ties to the sport nationally and to offer players more playing options. This fruitful partnership has increased our membership over the years from 500 to the current level of 1,400.

We are fortunate to have a very strong core of volunteers who year after year work hard to make tennis in Maine fun and rewarding. Our Board of Directors, elected by the general membership each December, has two major responsibilities. During their tenure, members set the direction of the MTA and ensure that the game of tennis has support and that activities are available throughout the state, both North and South. This is no small task, given the size of Maine and that the state's population centers are widely dispersed.

Initially the MTfA was devoted primarily to promoting high-level tennis tournaments throughout the state. During the booming 1970s, competitive tournaments flourished and draws were commonly 32-64 players for summer events. Even into the 1980s significant support for tournaments existed wherever they were held.

As the tennis demographics changed, so did the MTA's focus and goals. We voted to join the USTA Tennis New England to assure better support for tennis in the state, and not just for tournament play. Today we have a larger number of players who join simply to play in the USTA League Tennis presented by Lincoln, rather than to compete in the general tournaments.

We continue to offer tournaments in addition to USTA League Tennis play, as well as many other special events. These include wheelchair tennis, tennis teaching programs, fundraising benefits, and educational outreach at local events, like Portland's popular Old Port Festival, held each year in June. We also support many of the USTA Tennis New England programs, like UStA Tennis 1-2-3 and junior tennis.

We are more committed than ever to ensuring that the future of this remarkable game is secure. To do so means capturing the hearts and minds of tennis players at whatever age they begin to play. We encourage you to be a part of this exciting process!