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Maine Tennis Association

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2015 awards
#1 Adult Male Player for 2015
Nick Mathieu


#1 Adult Female Player for 2015

  . Julia Brogan

#1 Mens Doubles Team for 2015
 Tyler Adams & Jesse Butler
  #1 Womens Doubles Team for 2015
Caroline Ray & Chase Warner
#1 Mixed Doubles Team for 2015
Donna Dwyer & Boonthai Singcharern
 #1 Mens 55 Singles Player for 2015
August Lozano
 #1 Men's 45 Player for 2015
. Leo Scheidl
#1 Men's 35 Player for 2015
Rob Disch
#1 Girl's 12 Player for 2015
Olivia Cutone
 #1 Boy's 18 Player for 2015
Jacques Pellet
 #1 Boy's 16 Player for 2015
Nicholas Mathieu
 #1 Boy's 14 player for 2015
Joshua Chun
 #1 Boy's 12 Player for 2015
George Cutone 
 Corporate Sponsor of the Year
Clark Insurance
Lee Ramsdell
 Tournament Director of the Year
Don Atkinson 
 Junior Male Sportsperson of the Year
Nathan Mao
 Junior Female Sportsperson of the Year
Sarah Gray 
 USTA League Male Captain of the Year
Jon Parry 
USTA League Female Captain of the Year
Biggi Brooks
 Participation Award (Male)
Art Goldsmith 
Participation Award (Female)
Rosemary Campnella 
 Adult Sportsman of the Year
Dick Mcleod
 Adult Sportswoman of the Year
Donna Dwyer
Family of the Year 
Steve Cutone Family
 Volunteer of the Year
Steve Cutone 
 Lifetime Service Award
Wayne St Peter 
 High School Male Coach of the Year
Bob McCully
High School  Female Coach of the Year 
Rob Manter
10 and Under Teaching Professional of the year 
Ben Putnam
 Indoor Tennis Club of the Year
A Copi Tennis Center   

Posthumous Recognition Award  
Biggi Brooks                     
Posthumous Recognition Award  
William Ambrose
Posthumous Recognition Award  
Charles “Tim’ Stewart lll 
Junior Player Development Award 

Lucinda Gurney Holbach

Recreation Department of the Year 

Marcel Blouin Director
Shawn Guinard
Mike Jean
volunteer program directors