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Maine Tennis Association

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2012 Awards





#1 Adult Male Player for 2012


Michael Burke












#1 Adult Female Player for 2012

Karolina Pierko





#1 Mens Doubles Team for 2012


BrianMavor/Brian Powell






 #1 Womens Doubles Team for 2012

  Karolina Pierko/Elisa Whittier






#1 Mixed Doubles Team for 2012


Sethh Meyer/Shashanna Moll












 #1 Mens 55 Singles Player for 2012


Art Goodsmith





 #1 Men's 45 Player for 2012



Tom Gross




#1 Men's 35 Player for 2012


Leo Scheidl



 #1 Girls 18 Player for 2012


Margaret Silverman





 #1 Giirl's 16 Player for 2012

Bethany Harmmond




#1 Girl's 14 Player for 2012

Chase Warner




#1 Girl's 12 Player for 2012

Kathryn Pare




#1 Boy's 18 Player for 2012

Justin Brogan


 #1 Boy's 16 Player for 2012

Isaac Salas 










 #1 Boy's 14 player for 2012

Nicholas  Mathieu


 #1 Boy's 12 Player for 2012

Nathan Mao









 Corporate Sponsor of the Year

Dock Square Clothiers


 Tournament Director of the Year

Seth Meyer








 Jurior Male Sportsperson of the Year

Jordan Friedland









 Jurior Female Sportsperson of the Year

Mercedes Hammond

 USTA League Male Captain of the Year

Tim Lacombe



USTA League Female Captain of the Year

Karan Robidoux











 Participation Award (Male)

David Yarema


Participation Award (Female)

Marcia Weeks



 Adult Sportsman of the Year

Nick Bournakel



 Adult Sportswoman of the Year

Eva Harrison



 Indoor Tennis Club of the Year

Central Lincoln Country YMCA


 Volunteer of the Year

Devi Maganti












 Lifetime Service Award

Don Atkinson


 High School Coach of the Year

Jeff Madore